Agitator & Mixing systems


  • Polymerising agitator drives Set power 160 KW - Mat. AISI 316L
  • Agitator systems Electro-polished double reel mixer Mat AISI 304
  • Reactor provided with agitator – electropolished internal coil Mat AISI 316L Test specifications: ISPESL
  • Mechanical dispenser with speed control and inverter with holstering and fastening of hydraulic tub. Mat. AISI 304
  • Mixing and melting reactor at 300°C Electropolishing antiadhesive treatment Mat. AISI 316L Hydraulically driven, suited for highly viscous products.
  • Fermenting tank agitator drives Set power 210 KW. - Mat. AISI 304L
  • Agitator shaft Mat. AISI 316L