Microwave dryers for techno polymers



Basing upon its experience in the design and manufacturing of traditional rotating ovens, autoclaves, fluidized beds, heated screw conveyors, SMC has developed and patented innovative equipment for the drying - evaporation and crystallization of techno polymers.

Microwaves penetrate materials and release their energy in the form of heat as the polar molecules (ones with positively and negatively charged ends – such as water) vibrate at high frequency to align themselves with the frequency of the microwave field.



• Low energy consumption (-70%  vs. traditional systems): suitable to apply  for White Certificates

• One-pass system: crystallization and drying is performed in one stage

• Fast process: reduced thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic degradation of PET and polyamides due to the short time in process

• Small amount of material in process

• Reduced start up timing

• Higher diffusion speed of the humidity from the core to surface of the material, thanks to the patented microwave technology

• Reduced footprint

• Large flexibility: a wide range of polymer types and shapes can be processed (amorphous, chip, flakes, powder)


  • Microwave dryer for techno polymers MWD-1000 1000 kg/h with a mixture of 50% virgin A-PET and 50% regrind
  • Microwave dryer for techno polymers MWD-1000S 1000 kg/h, mixture 50% virgin PET / 50% bottle flakes
  • MWD500 Dryer throughput 500 kg/h as pellets
  • Microwave drying for technopolymers MWD800 Dryer, max. output 800 kg/h as pellets