Disinfestation plants


Pressurized disinfestation/ fumigation with carbon dioxide


Raw foodstuffs contaminated by insect pests, their larvae and eggs cause extensive loss and damage. 

Prophylactic disinfestation can eliminate this problem, since the processes used are completely toxicologically and biologically safe. 

Traditional methods using poisons or insecticides leave residues that are becoming increasingly unacceptable in today's ecologically aware society.


Benefits of the SMC pressurized disinfestation with carbon dioxide:

• Suitable for a wide range of raw foodstuff ingredients (e.g. grains, spices, dried fruit and vegetables, seeds), animal feed, tobacco, herbal teas and medicines 

• Completely non-toxic: it leaves no residues, does not impair the product, is toxicologically safe 

• Kind to the environment

• Improved occupational safety thanks to the high efficiency and ease of handling 


  • Pressurized disinfestation with carbon dioxide Version with loading ramp
  • Pressurized disinfestation with carbon dioxide Horizontal version - 1 chamber
  • PRESSURIZED DISINFESTATION WITH CARBON DIOXIDE Horizontal autoclave: for products in pallets or containers
  • High carbon dioxide pressure disinfestations autoclave – provided with motorised fast opening Mat AISI304L